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Chuks Swept at Home by Walla Walla and CBC

Chuks Swept at Home by Walla Walla and CBC

[Ontario, OR] - The Chuks were hoping to take down the top-ranked Walla Walla team at home on Friday, April 15th, but came short in both games by scores of 17-11 and 11-3. Hoping to bounce back Saturday against the visiting CBC Hawks, the Chuks lost their close battles by scores of 20-13 and 9-7.

In game one against Walla Walla, both teams put up high numbers of hits. The Warriors had 20 and the Chuks had 15. With no errors for either team, this was an offensive battle that the Chuks ultimately lost. Leading the way for the Chuks however was Hailee Lamoreaux with 4 hits in her 4 at-bats. Gabby Lamoreaux, Sami Taylor, Amber Wickel, and Shayla Cherry had 2 hits each as well. Sydney Shober started on the mound for the Chuks and had 5 strikeouts through her 5 innings of play. Amber Wickel came in to finish out the game against the strong-hitting Warrior team.

As for game two against Walla Walla, this was a 5-inning game as the Chuks did not get on the board after the first inning. The Warriors had 14 hits and 1 error against the Chuk's 6 hits and 3 errors. Hailee and Gabby Lamoreaux continually prove to be valuable assets offensively, as they each have 2 hits in this matchup. Sami Taylor started on the mound for the Chuks for 3 solid innings, and Sydney Shober came back in to finish the game.

Saturday, the Chuks was hoping to turn the tables against the visiting Columbia Basin Hawks but fell short in both games. In a nail-biter game one, the Chuks were on top 13-12 at the top of the seventh inning, but with CBC scoring 7 runs on two outs, the Chuks did not come out with the win. Totals for this ball game were CBC's 20 runs, 25 hits, and 1 error versus TVCC's 13 runs, 16 hits, and no errors. Sami Taylor and Gabby Lamoreaux had 3 hits on the day. Tylar Dally had a 3 RBI home-run in this game as well that put the Chuks back in the ballgame. Hailee Lamoreaux, Mauri Wade, and Amber Wickel had two hits each as well. Sydney Shober had 7 strikeouts in this game and pitched just over 4 innings.

The Chuks wanted to salvage a split with CBC but fell short with the final 9-7. The Chuks put up 6 runs in the first inning but struggled to put more runs on the board the rest of the ball game. Each team had three eros in this game, and the Chuks had 16 hits versus CBC's 12. With 7 LOB the Chuks came up short. Defensively, Sydney Shober had 7 strikeouts in just 3 innings. She is now top-3 in the NWAC for strikeouts with 119 on the year thus far.

With their 5th straight loss, the Chuks are now 5th in the NWAC East Region. The Chuks will finish out their series at home against Blue Mountain on Tuesday, April 19th. The Chuks are looking to get back into the win column and carry the momentum into their games on Friday against Big Bend.