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Chukar Rodeo at Pendleton

Chukar Rodeo at Pendleton

Thank you to the TVCC Administration for letting us rodeo.  TVCC had a great weekend and put up a lot of points to work there way to the College National Finals.  After the first performance Saturday afternoon the Chukar Men's and Women Teams were leading the way.  The men's team won the first day with 982 points, 371 points ahead of the second-place team Blue Mountain Community College.  The women's team won the first day with 604.5 points, 262.5 points ahead of Walla Walla Community College.

The men's all-around was led by Blake Craig, followed by Tyler Smith in 3rd, Indigo Sappington was 5th and Jayce Garthwaite was 6th.

The TVCC women battled for all-around points as well with Whitney Slack in second, Jayce Blake in third and Haylie Mitchell in 6th.

Keagan Richards won the saddle bronc riding, along with Tyler Smith and Brant Monahan winning first and second in the bareback riding.  Blake Craig won the tie-down roping and Indigo Sappington was 4thJayce Garthwaite and Tyler Smith were 3rd and 4th in the Steer Wrestling.  In the team roping Blake Craig was first on the heel side, Indigo Sappington and Clay Siddoway were 3rd, Haylie Mitchell and Syrinda St. Onge were 4th, Colton Kluser was 5th on the heading side, and Jayce Garthwaite was 6th on the heal side.  In barrel racing Emma Hite was 3rd, Braydin Delao was 6th and Haylie Mitchell was 7thWhitney Slack won the breakaway roping and Jayce Blake was 4th.  In goat tying Jayce Blake was 2nd, Whitney Slack split 3rd, and Riata Goemmer split 6th.


Sunday morning started the second performance for the weekend.  At the end of the second performance the TVCC Men's Team was leading the way again, this time with 863 points, 423 points over Walla Walla Community College.  The TVCC Women's Team had a tougher day but still gathered 393.5 points and were 3rd for the day.

Jayce Garthwaite was 2nd in the men's all-around with Tyler Smith 5th and Zane Taylor in 7thRiata Goemmer was 5th in the women's all-around.

Tyler Smith was 2nd in the bareback riding and Indigo Sappington won the tie-down roping, Clay Siddoway was 3rd, Colton Kluser was 5th, Jayce Garthwaite was 6th and Zane Taylor 8thJayce Garthwaite won the steer wrestling, Zane Taylor was 4th and Tyler Smith was 7th.  Austin Iveson and Garrett Brown won the team roping, Blake Craig was 3rd on the heel side, Jayce Garthwaite was 6th on the heel side and Dawstin Ho'opai-Bobek was 7th on the heel side.  In the barrel racing Haylie Mitchell was 4th, Riata Goemmer 5th and Emma Hite 7th.  Braydin Delao was 8th in the breakaway roping.  In the goat tying Jayce Blake was 2nd, Whitney Slack 3rd, Josee Newman split 4th and Riata Goemmer was 8th.


After two performances the regional standings are as follows.  TVCC Men's Team in 1st place with 1,845 points, 1,045 points ahead of Blue Mountain Community College and the TVCC Women's Team in 1st place with 998 points, 184 points ahead of Walla Walla Community College.

Keagan Richards is winning the saddle bronc riding.  Tyler Smith and Brant Monahan are 1st and 3rd in the bareback riding.  Indigo Sappington is leading the tie-down roping, Blake Craig is 4th, Clay Siddoway is 6th, Colton Kluser is splitting 7th, Jayce Garthwaite is splitting 9th and Zane Taylor is 11thJayce Garthwaite is leading the steer wrestling, Tyler Smith is 5th and Zane Taylor is 7th.  Team Roping, the header side has Austin Iveson in 2nd, Indigo Sappington 5th, Haylie Mitchell splitting 8th, and Colton Kluser 10th .  Team Roping, the heel side has Blake Craig leading, Garrett Brown 2nd, Clay Siddoway 5th, Jayce Garthwaite 7th, Syrinda St Onge splitting 8th, and Dawstin Ho'opai-Bobek 11th.  In the barrel racing Emma Hite is 3rd, Haylie Mitchell is 6th, Riata Goemmer is 9th, and Braydin Delao is 10thWhitney Slack is leading the breakaway roping, Jayce Blake is 9th, and Braydin Delao is splitting 14th.  In the goat tying Jayce Blake is 2nd, Whitney Slack 3rd, Josee Newman 6th, and Riata Goemmer 8th


All in all the Chukars had a good weekend and we are excited to rodeo again this weekend, April 2 & 3, 2021, in Hermiston in Northwest Regional #'s 3 & 4.